Taylor Frey McCann

Born with a love of agriculture, one of Taylor’s greatest passions is connecting others to the land and planting seeds of appreciation for the ecosystem, soil, and families who put food on our table. She started a videography company, Taylor Frey Productions which is now called Heartland Productions, upon graduating with her undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University’s Manship School of Mass Communication in 2014.

Taylor worked as Louisiana Grazing Lands Coalition’s Coordinator for four years and learned the principles of regenerative agriculture, ranching, rangeland conservation, and the importance of soil health. She fell in love with it and began creating documentaries and short videos about Louisiana Ranchers, which are now available on the LGLCI YouTube Channel. She's also filmed, edited, and built the National Grazing Land's YouTube video library where you can explore 40 playlists and more than 100 videos ranchers sharing their stories. While she specializes in agriculture videography, she also loves to film commercials, advertisements, family history films, and business training videos.

Aside from work, Taylor enjoys cooking, writing music with her husband, James, playing guitar, piano, and learning violin, fishing, and taking her dog Indigo on adventures.