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Taylor Frey McCann
Heartland Productions Owner

Born with a love of agriculture, one of Taylor’s greatest passions is connecting others to the land and families who put food on our table. She started her videography company, Taylor Frey Productions, now called Heartland Productions, upon graduating with her undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University’s Manship School of Mass Communication in 2014.

She worked as Louisiana Grazing Lands Coalition’s Executive Director from 2017 - 2021, where she learned the principles of regenerative agriculture, rangeland conservation, and the importance of soil health. She fell in love with it and began creating documentaries about Louisiana ranchers that are available to watch on the LGLCI's YouTube Channel. Working for LGLCI led to many other opportunities like filming for the National Grazing Lands Coalition, traveling to and filming in nearly a dozen states, including eight Native American Reservations. She created a video library for NatGLC made up 100 videos that are now available on their YouTube Channel along with a full length documentary about grazing on Native American Tribal Lands. She has worked with Texas A&M along with Kansas State University producing videos about prescribed burning on rangeland. She's also well versed in television production, working on and off screen. She created and produced a television show for LSU AgCenter called, Louisiana Harvest of the Month that airs on Louisiana Public Broadcasting weekly, as well as produced videos for This Week in Louisiana Agriculture run by Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation's public relations office.

In 2022, Taylor and her husband James started an agritourism company called Heartland Tours, an agritourism company that unites people to the land and each other through educational farm bus tours. Their overnight tour trips include three nights and four days of farm tours, learning about the agriculture industry, how food is grown, and where food comes from. You can learn more on their website,

Aside from work, Taylor enjoys cooking, writing music with her husband, James, playing guitar, piano, and learning violin, fishing, and taking her dog Indigo on adventures. They are both singer/songwriters and recording artist. You can find their music on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen to music. 

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